Going Up the Country

by Julia

My family and I go camping every year… you know: tents, barbecue, outhouses. All those glamorous things.  We have a favourite national park which we keep returning to and  we stay there each year for 1 week (not a typo). As terrible as this may sound, it really is a great experience and everyone should try it at least once in their life, even if you only go for a few days.

Yeah, yeah I know there are things like :


Sleeping outside & having unpredictable weather. Also, tons of product placement in all your photos (so annoying)

But it’s nature, you cannot always control it and you have to learn to love it. You can always buy bug repellent to get rid of the mosquitoes and bees and sleeping outside is super nice when it’s warm. You get so much oxygen and fresh air that you get a nice “Thank You” card from your lungs at the end of each day.

Besides, if you don’t go camping you may miss out on moments like these:

and photographs like this:

So yes, it’s true that camping is no 5-star, butler service, Ritz Hotel experience, but put it on your bucket list. Try it at least once if you haven’t already. If you are a photographer you will leave with some gorgeous photographs (like the night sky. You haven’t see so many stars in your entire life!) and if you aren’t, you will still spend your days at the beach, sleep under the stars and have BBQ all day long. Go camping and tell people that you lived.


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