How to rock at makeup- the photographer’s guide

by Julia

Hi everyone!

I decided to create a blog post which shows the girls how to apply makeup specifically for photography. I am doing this because the question of makeup comes up a LOT in my conversation with clients and I would love to answer that question. I am no makeup artist but I  have watched my fair share of youtube videos of real makeup artists and I have been taking photos long enough to safely provide you with this guide. Also, this isn’t very difficult at all, so don’t fret.

Frankly, makeup isn’t EXTREMELY important for getting beautiful photographs… I would have to say hair is a bigger factor in looking hot. However, I want to share this because applying makeup for photographs is different than your everyday makeup. Here are a few DOs and DON’Ts for application:

Use matte makeup only. Shimmery or shiny makeup just looks sloppy on camera

Contour. I know, weird. But don’t apply any bronzers or contour your face because, even though that looks great in real life, on camera it’s just too much. If you take a look at the photos below, you can see that my cheekbones are prominent even though I didn’t contour. Adding bronzer would make me look like Lady Gaga on her Born This Way album cover.

Go outside your comfort zone a bit. As you will see, my makeup does not look very dark. However, in real life it was DARK. I didn’t have raccoon eyes or anything, but it definitely did not look as sexy in real life as it did on camera. Obviously if you are having your picture taken in a dark room with no flash, you should ignore this pointer.  If there will be flash (especially a studio flash) or bright sunlight then keep in mind that makeup appears lighter in photos than in real life.

Practice your makeup before any big photography event. DON’T just do it an hour beforehand and hope for the best. It won’t be pretty. Especially if you’re one of those gals who doesn’t wear makeup on a daily basis.

Alrighty, so here is the guide I put my blush, sweat and tears into (eh? get it?). You can stop at any one of these steps (and just apply mascara and lipstick or something), you don’t have to go all the way to the end. So if you want a natural look, do step 1 and 2 and just put on liner and mascara or something. If you want a medium look, do the same but continue on a few more steps, you get the picture. I applied mascara, blush and lipstick at the very end because I wanted to show you how you can layer your eye shadow to get a dark look. Enjoy!


The finished product. Tada!!

Now that wasn’t very hard was it? You could keep going and make it even darker. You can use a darker lid colour for a nice dark smoky eye.

Great! Now you’re all set to get your photo taken. All you need is a photographer 🙂

Thanks for reading



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