Pablo Picasso, Pub Food and Sunny Toronto

by Julia

It was a beautiful day outside yesterday so my boyfriend Nikola and I decided to go visit the Art Gallery of Ontario  to see the Picasso exhibit. Obviously, being the person that I am, I brought a camera along and decided to document the event. Unfortunately, I did not take any photos of the paintings+ sculptures inside of the exhibit (it wasn’t allowed as far as I could tell) but I did take a few nice photos which I think you may enjoy.

First of all, I want to say that Picasso is an inspiration. Not because I liked every single piece in the exhibit (or even understood all of it) but because he managed to take what everyone was doing, morph it to his liking and create a style that was precisely his own. Some people say that their 5 year old could paint like he can, and while that may be true, the difference is that Picasso knew the rules but he also knew exactly how to break them.

You could see Picasso’s unique style as you explored each of the 7 rooms with his works of art- from one of his first paintings and sculptures to some of his last. I was completely absorbed by the art and the story of his life- it felt like I was walking through his life and re-living it.

Despite my comments about the exhibition and being completely absorbed, I do want to remind you that I didn’t understand EVERYTHING that I was seeing.

Some of the paintings you looked at and simply said “Nope!” In one image of a still life, Nikola and I confused some fruits for a pair of breasts. This should give you some sort of idea as to what we were dealing with.

Inside the AGO. This was the gorgeous walkway leading away from the Picasso exhibit

After satisfying our cultural appetite, Nikola and I decided to grab a bite to eat (and satisfy another appetite). There was an English pub just around the corner from the AGO called The Village Idiot Pub where we decided to go to. Honestly guys, go here. I’m not joking. The atmosphere is great, the food is excellent (get the freakin’ fish&chips, you won’t be sorry) and the staff are awesome. There was wood furniture, vintage couches and huge windows which had garage doors instead of glass. The windows were open (i.e garage doors were pulled up) when we were there so it was as if we were eating outside. Next time I’m in downtown I know where I will be getting my grub.

After our feast we took a walk around downtown TO which was great because I hardly ever get to go downtown (the downside of living in the suburbs). Once we thought that we were satisfied with the sight-seeing (i.e. after the pain in my feet from wearing heels all day became unbearable), we decided to go home on the train instead of the subway. We got to sit on the second floor, kick off our heels(when it comes to my heels, literally) and chillax so it was a fantastic end to a great day. I hope I can do it again soon!

Thank you Nikola for taking my portrait against the wall and taking the photograph of the GO Train from outside. My helper!

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