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I am extremely excited because the weather is improving and summer is slowly approaching. To add to that, all of you know that I am having my Summer Mini Sessions June 2nd and 3rd (which I am even MORE excited about) and I want to prepare everyone to look fantastic for their session (not that you don’t already you fox, you).

The question I get asked most BY FAR is “Julia, what do I wear?” I usually go over to my client’s house prior to the session and help them choose the clothes for themselves, their kids, their family, etc. However, this isn’t always possible so I am creating this guide so that if I can’t come over, you won’t be totally lost with picking out clothing.

Remember, these are only suggestions ! If you don’t have clothes like these, don’t sweat! Just try to follow the guidelines as much as possible and if you get stuck, I’m always here to answer any questions 🙂 Let’s get started

By the way- I am SO psyched to have made all of these outfits (below). It took me 3 friggin’ hours but I did it. Don’t worry, it shouldn’t take you that long it was just hard finding images of the clothes I needed on white backgrounds so that I didn’t have to cut them out in photoshop- story of my life. Anyways, I just want to say that I would be an awesome fashion consultant if i ever chose to go that route.

Before you begin choosing anything, pick a colour palette. If you are the only person being photographed, this may not be as necessary but if there are 2 or more people, this is super helpful! Colour palettes are great because they prevent everyone from looking identical (ta-cky) but everyone is still cohesive. I know it might be difficult creating your own palettes so you can always look them up online or use one of the ones I have created above.

Alrighty, so using the colour palettes I created above, I put together some outfits. Again, I know you may not have clothes like this in your closet or this may not be your style but this is a guide to help you not tell you exactly what to do. Just pointing it out, the dress is from the ‘Funky’ colour palette, the shit+ shorts are from the ‘Earthy’ palette and so on.

A few things to notice:
What is absent from all of these outfits: Logos, distracting patterns &  text. All of these things draw the eye in a photograph and I want you to be the center of attention not the designer of your shirt.
What not to be afraid of: Bright colours, accessories, large faint patterns (seen on the green shirt). Don’t be afraid to showcase yourself through your clothes! If you are fun and outgoing or if you are calm and laid back, pick out some clothes that display this- I want to see who you are!

Okay! Continuing to use the different colour palettes, we get these options. Again, no logos (this is a tough one for guy shirts), no plaid (ie. distracting patterns). Notice that I still used bold colours and accessories even on guys!

I don’t want to call them accessories because I know someone’s going to say “Ugh! Julia, that is so emasculating why don’t you just put us in a dress and get it over with?” so I will call them “Menbellishment” to keep everyone happy. This menbellishment is a great way to stay within the colour palette if you only have white Ts and jeans in your closet.

Also, I didn’t use shorts for any of these outfits just because I love how jeans and pants look on guys, but wearing nice shorts is totally fine with me!

I know this probably sounds strange but I think that girls in dresses and galoshes is the CUTEST look ever. I may have lived on a farm in my past life.

The same rules apply to children: no logos (I can’t stress this enough), nothing too busy that will take away from their own cuteness, dress them in fun colours and accessorize!

Note: Most of the clothing used for the boy+ girl outfits are from Old Navy and the The Gap Kids if you were wondering where you can buy some.

So, now you have used your colour palette to pick out the clothes for all of your family members individually. What I suggest now is that you take all of your lil’ outfits and lay them on the bed or on the floor and see how they look all together. Mine look something like this:

Each column represents a family following my rules and their colour palette 🙂
Each outfit looks good alone or combined together which is fabulous and not very difficult to accomplish.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope that you found it useful. Remember,  these are just suggestions- you don’t have to follow everything to the dot. I want you to wear something that will make you look and feel amazing during your shoot because that is how I would love to capture you. Have fun with it, that’s what photo shoots are all about!

If you want more ideas on what clothes to wear, I would suggest you look through magazines and see what types of clothes they wear for their editorial and/ or lifestyle shoots. The website BodenUSA is also great because you can look at ready-made outfits and gain some ideas.