We are all family

by Julia

Remember this cutie?

Well she’s all grown up now

Diana is now 4 years old and still super adorable!! She was shy at first but as time passed she became the perfect little model. We had a lot of fun running around and being silly (me most of all, as socially unacceptable as that is).

I had such an amazing time photographing Diana and her family. It was so nice to see them all again after all this time and to see how the children have grown up and changed.

So cute! Holding her brother’s hand while I was speaking to her mother.

Speaking of the brother, he’s grown quite a bit as well. Going to university next year!! I told him that if he’s anything like me he’ll like university more than highschool. I also told him that he should hide these photos from the girls at his school or else he may get swarmed 😉

Here’s Elena, the mother, beautiful as always. She was soo sweet when I delivered her images- she called me and gave the most heartfelt “thank you” ever. I am so thrilled that my images can bring joy to people and Elena’s words just made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. This is why I love photography.

I hope you enjoyed these images. I had such a great time taking them and I was so happy to see everyone once again. A huge THANK YOU to Elena for asking me to record this beautiful time in her life. I hope to see her again soon!

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